• Prints Available

    You can grab high quality archival prints from my InPrnt store. Don't see the print you want? Just contact me and I can get a print setup for you.

  • The Exploded Soul Cover

    Cover art for Jeffrey Thomas' upcoming book from Weird House Press.

  • End of 2023 Paintings

    Here are a couple paintings from the end of 2023. Both originals are currently available in the store. I also added some prints and stickers to the store. All of these can now be ordered directly through my site!

    Sorry to Disappoint You, 12"x18", Acrylic on wood panel

    Head Like a Haunted House, 16"x16", Mixed media on wood panel

  • The Devil and His Muses

    The Devil and His Muses
    Mixed media on wood panel

  • Portrait Series

    Here are 5 of the recent portraits I've completed. This is a series of maybe 6. However, I do like painting these and may continue beyond those initial 6. Three of these will be at the Exhibit A Gallery in Los Angeles soon. If you don't already, follow me on Facebook or Instagram to get updates on when shows are happening and to see newer work, etc.