• The Devil and His Muses

    The Devil and His Muses
    Mixed media on wood panel

  • Portrait Series

    Here are 5 of the recent portraits I've completed. This is a series of maybe 6. However, I do like painting these and may continue beyond those initial 6. Three of these will be at the Exhibit A Gallery in Los Angeles soon. If you don't already, follow me on Facebook or Instagram to get updates on when shows are happening and to see newer work, etc.

  • Skullscape 3

    A little different from the other Skullscapes, but still part of that series. This one was a pallete cleanser after spending 2 months on the Hades paintings - I needed to do something with lots of different colors. The original is available in the store!

  • Hades I and II

    These were painted for Jeffrey Thomas' Hades books. Weird House Press will be publishing three volumes with all of Jeffrey's stories and novels set in Hell. The paintings are mostly acrylic with some colored pencil, and a few separate painted pieces collaged on. You can see the process of these on my Facebook page.

  • More Skulls!

    Two more paintings with one of my favorite subjects.

    The Gate
    Acrylic on cradled birch
    18" x 24"

    Skullscape 1
    Acrylic on panel
    9" x 12"