• Transgressive Notes From the Underworld

    Another painting made of chopped up smaller paintings. I thouroughly enjoy making these! More to come soon.

    Acrylic on paper and hardboard

  • 100% A.I.

    Some info about this piece. No planning went into this beforehand. The idea arose out of my frustration with trying to think of an idea, and the onslaught of AI generated art that's been happening. After days of staring at an almost blank canvas and trying to get working on something I grabbed some paper, painted 2 eyes, ripped them out and stuck them on the board. After that the pieces literally started falling in place, haha. About half way though it got harder and I then needed to make decisions. In fact one of those was a bad decision, and you can see where I painted over it around the girls hips. The name, 100% A.I., is meant to be ironic. While AI art might look cool, for now it can't do anything like this. The alternate title for this was Futureproof, but I prefer irony.

    100% A.I.
    Acrylics on paper and hardboard


  • Moon Witch

    This is a paint over of the Queen of the Forest painting. At first I embraced the fad of AI art, but quickly changed my mind and decided to move away from incorporating it into my work. It will be interesting to see where it goes in next few years.

    Moon Witch
    20" x 24"
    Acrylic on canvas board

  • Queen of the Forest

    Queen of the Forest
    22" x 28"
    Acrylic on board

  • Grave Tree

    18" x 24"
    Acrylic on board
    Prints available at InPrnt.