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Savannah Gallery of Art - group show
Exhibit A Gallery - group show


Gristle Art Gallery - group show
Skull & Snake Gallery - group show


Book Covers
Title - Author

7 Brains - Michael Calvillo

Addicted to the Dead - Shane McKenzie

Adrift - KR Griffiths

Alice on the Shelf - Bill Gauthier

Beautiful Hell - Jeffrey Thomas

Bird Box - Michael Calvillo

Black Goat Motorcycle Club - Jason Murphy

Blood, Sex, Slime & Chinese Food - SHane McKenzie

Bring Her Back - Jeff Strand

Carnifex - Matthew Barbeler

Clowns vs. Spiders - Jeff Strand

Cold Black Hearts - Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Companions in Ruin - Mark Allen Gunnels

Crystal Bull Rain Dancer - Shirley Harber

Crustaceans - William Meikle

Dweller - Jeff Strand

Everything Has Teeth - Jeff Strand

The Exploded Soul - Jeffrey Thomas

Ferocious - Jeff Strand

Fall of Hades - Jeffrey Thomas

Fangtooth - Shaun Jeffrey

Gleefully Macabre Tales - Jeff Strand

Going Back - Tony Richards

A Haunted Halloween - Paul Melniczek

I Will Rise - Michael Calvillo

The Ifs - JD Pooker

The Ifs 2 - JD Pooker

Island Red - Matt Serafini

Jagger - Kristopher Rufty
Letters From Hades - Jeffrey Thomas

London Macabre - Steven Savile

The Mad and the Macabre - Jeff Strand, Michael McBride

Missing White Girl - Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Metro 7 - Matthew Barbeler

Muerte con Carne - Shane McKenzie

My Pretties - Jeff Strand

Mythical Monsters - Paul Melniczek

Perfect Union - Cody Goodfellow

Pitch - William Ollie

Playlist of the Damned - anthology, various authors

Pus Junkies - Shane Mckenzie

Regret - Gabrielle Faust

River Runs Red - Jeffrey J. Mariotte

The Samhanach - Lisa Morton

Scavenger Hunt - John R. Little

Sick House - Jeff Strand

Tales of Alhazred - Donald Tyson

Ursa Major - John R. Little

Veiled - Jeff Strand

Violet Eyes - John Everson

The Watching - Paul Melniczek

Wolf Hunt - Jeff Stand

Wolf Hunt 2 - Jeff Stand

Wolf Hunt 3 - Jeff Stand

Zero Lives Remaining - Adam Cesare



Board Games, RPG's, CCG's

Game Title - Publisher

StarCraft: The Board Game - Fantasy Flight Games
World of Warcraft: The Board Game - Fantasy Flight Games
Descent:Altar of Despair - Fantasy Flight Games
Descent:Well of Darkness - Fantasy Flight Games
Talisman Revised 4th Edition - Fantasy Flight Games
Talisman: The Dungeon - Fantasy Flight Games
Talisman: The Reaper - Fantasy Flight Games
Talisman: The Highlands - Fantasy Flight Games
Talisman: The Frostmarch - Fantasy Flight Games
Talisman: The City - Fantasy Flight Games
Talisman: The Blood Moon - Fantasy Flight Games
Runebound: Sands of Al-Kalim - Fantasy Flight Games
Runebound: Frozen Wastes - Fantasy Flight Games

A Game of Thrones: Five Kings Edition - Fantasy Flight Games
A Game of Thrones: A Time of Ravens - Fantasy Flight Games
Call of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep - Fantasy Flight Games
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - Fantasy Flight Games

Dust - Fantasy Flight Games

Arkham Horror -  - Fantasy Flight Games

Battlelore: Dragons - Fantasy Flight Games

The Black Crusade (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

The Achilus Assault (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

Bright Order Magic (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

The Edge of Night (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

The Creature Guide - (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

Faith of Shallya (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

Faith of Sigmar - (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

Game Master's Toolkit - (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

The Gathering Storm (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

Lure of Power (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

Omens of War (Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

The Winds of Magic(Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

The Witch's Song(Warhammer) - Fantasy Flight Games

Destiny and Shadow - Fantasy Flight Games

Hand of Shadow - Fantasy Flight Games

Honor and Shadow - Fantasy Flight Games

Cthonian Stars - Wildfire Games

The Void - Wildfire Games

Fantasy Companion - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Slipstream - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Slipstream Player's Guide - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Solomon Kane - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Pact Magic Volume 1 - Radiance House

Age of Electrotech - Radiance House

Constructs and Aberrations - Radiance House

Cthulhu Britannica - Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Dragon Magazine - Wizards of the Coast



Video Games and Apps
Title - Publisher

New Gods of Mankind - Dark Skull Studios
NosFuratu - Noctis Games

Battle Bombs - Noctis Games
Insectoid Defense - Gowen Game Dev
Sirius Signal - Sirius Signal
CGS Medicare - Celerian Group