This is the full process video for Portrait of an Artist. Painted over the course of a couple weeks in February of 2023. Like many of my paintings I didn't plan ahead or sketch this out before painting. I had a vague image in my mind of an amorphous skull shaped thing and a hand holding something like a book. The rest I make up as I go based on what feels right for the painting. In fact you'll notice a few times I paint over areas and change or redo them.

I do use references of course. The hand was from a photo of my hand, the skull from my skeleton model, and the eye was found online - I think I searched for scared eyes, haha.

Process video for The Damned. This piece was commissioned for a wraparound cover for the book Playlist of Damned. The idea for the book was a series of short stories and poems tied together by someone finding an old cursed music cassette. The publisher showed me some sample images. One was a zombie looking guy playing guitar so I went with that concept.


The guitar player is based on a photo of Devin Townsend from his time in Strapping Young Lad. However, I used a photo of my friend's arm for the hand holding the spirit skull since Devin's was playing the guitar.

These portrait paintings are an exercise in looser painting techniques. I love doing detailed work, but I also enjoy the spontaneity of moving fast and loose with the paint.


The people in these are a mix of real people and AI generated people. If I can't find a real person I want to paint, then I will generate a person. Ideally I would prefer to use models and photograph them myself, but I don't have that option.


In addition I prefer painting real people because they have a personality, interests, etc. I like to try and incoporporate that into the image as well.