Frank Walls is an American artist best known for his dark, surrealistic fine art, fantasy illustration, and similarly ominous heavy metal musicianship. Walls’ interests in heavy metal music, dark art, and horror films paved the way to his emergence as the lead vocalist for bands like Embalmer and HateWorks in the mid to late 90's. His passion for fine art underlined his guttural vocals, and he produced CD and t-shirt art for bands like Incantation and Crypt Kicker, while front lining others.


This era of artistic experimentation paved the way for his immersion in The Cleveland Institute of Art, where he focused on illustration and graduated with a BFA. As a post-graduate Walls designed and illustrated book covers for authors such as Jeffrey Thomas, Shane Mckenzie, and Jeff Strand, while pursuing illustration work in the fantasy realm - what would become the backbone of his career.


Walls is celebrated for his contributions to game companies like Fantasy Flight Games, Wizards of the Coast, and Alderac Entertainment.  He now hails from Hawaii where he teaches Art and Design, works as a freelance illustrator, and pursues his passion for painting and music.


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